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The Women's Clinic

The Women’s Clinic is a women’s health practice in Lakewood, Washington, providing comprehensive care throughout every stage of a woman’s life. Jessica Kirkwood, ARNP, and the skilled and compassionate team of experts address a multitude of health needs in a soothing environment that allows patients to feel calm and supported.

The clinic was founded on the principle that medical care providers should do more than simply address the health of the body, but care for the whole person. Using this as their vision, the team provides female-targeted holistic care, addressing everything from general health to chronic illnesses to cosmetic concerns. 

The Women’s Clinic offers primary care and women-specific health services to manage every need. The highly skilled team uses extensive testing and their expertise to diagnose conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), fibroids, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), hormone imbalance, and allergies. We offer all treatment options, including the most current medical treatment options like hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and immunotherapy.

The Women’s Clinic also offers weight loss consultations, birth control counseling, and sexual health, cosmetic, and chronic pain procedures that utilize platelet-rich plasma (PRP), an all-natural treatment that promotes healing.

The logo for the clinic was created by the founder’s daughter, At 7 yrs old, she drew it on the founder's arm with a pink marker.  The founder then took it to a tattoo artist and had it put on her arm. After the clinic opened, the founder made the heart her logo, and her daughter was happy with that. She said, “Mommy, the pink heart is to show you care about the body, and the smile is to show you care about the mind,” illustrating the mission of the practice and the type of care patients can expect. 

Patients are heard at The Women’s Clinic. Use the online booking button to schedule an appointment. Telemedicine is available once you are established as a patient.

When making an appointment, please use the drop down box where it asks for reason for visit. We use that information to determine the length your visit will be. Thank you!


The system is still being worked on. If you are a returning patient, we already have your insurance information so just put zeros in until it's fixed to where a returning patient doesn't see that screen.

WE ARE UNABLE AT THIS TIME to accept any State Insurances. 
And we no longer accept any tri care plans at all.


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The Women’s Clinic is based on the idea that healthcare provider should do more than simply address the health of the body, but should care for the whole person. Our logo was drawn by our founder’s 4-year-old daughter who said, “Mommy, the pink heart is to show you care about the body and the smile is to show you care about the mind”. 
From that concept we created the vision to provide female-targeted holistic care, addressing all aspects of the person, and helping them get the care they need, from overall health to gynecological health, covid-19 testing, cosmetic treatments, and more.
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We address a multitude of needs in a soothing environment where parents can feel calm and supported. We are highly qualified and well prepared to help a woman in every phase of her life, offering disease prevention, illness treatments, reproductive health, and total body wellness services. Our skilled providers use extensive testing and expertise to diagnose patients, then present them with various treatment options using the latest technological advancements.